Flying Dress Paris offers you a unique experience, a moment for yourself, to be a princess in Paris.

Alone, with friends or family, treat yourself to dream memories in our Flying Dress MADE IN FRANCE.


Born from a passion for photography, fashion and women's beauty, this top-of-the-range shoot promises you an experience rich in emotions. Pampered by a team of professionals, you'll feel beautiful and confident in our oversized Flying Dress. 


WOW! This is the only reaction that our Flying Dress causes.
Quality is at the heart of our approach, it is for this reason that we produce our Flying Dress in France, with independent seamstresses.

All of our dresses are 100% silk. Our Flying Dress have incredible dimensions to offer you a breathtaking result: 15 meters of fabric in total including a train of more than 4 meters.


At the foot of the Eiffel Tower, on a romantic bridge or in the streets of Montmartre, Paris is full of magical places to carry out your shoot. We know the most beautiful places in Paris and we will be able to advise you according to the desired result. And if you have already chosen the spot of your dreams, let us know!

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Treat yourself to a tailor-made shoot in our Flying Dress for an eternal memory of Paris.